Are you supporting a child in Thailand?

The Child Support visa is advisable for unmarried foreigners who are in a relationship with a Thai national, have a child or children with that person, and are committed to adopt and raise the Thai child/children. If a foreigner is currently unwilling or unable to marry this might be a very good option.

We assist you during the visa application process.

If you have questions, We would be happy to provide all the information you may need and recommend that you organise a free consultation at our office in Chiang Mai.

What we can help you with:

  • Confirm that a child support visa actually available to you and is the best possible for your situation and that you qualify.
  • Make sure you are aware of all the correct and current Chiang Mai Immigration rules relevant to your particular case.
  • Take all required visa application pictures.
  • Fill out all associated paperwork necessary to support for a child support visa application.
  • Arrange an appointment and accompany you to your consulate in Chiang Mai to certify any documents if required.
  • Queue at the Thai Immigration office on your behalf and arrange a time for the interview where you will submit your application.
  • Escort you to Chiang Mai Immigration office on the day of your application.
  • Assist you at Chiang Mai Immigration office during the visa application process and facilitate communication with the Thai Immigration officer.
  • Handle your 90 day report (for 1 year) for free.
  • Make sure you never miss a report and reach out to you one week before your 90 day report is due to make sure you forget to take care of it. We will complete the process for you and you only have to come and pick up your passport at out office when it is done. Fast, easy and convenient!
  • Help you open a Thai Bank account if required.

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