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Whether you are a long-term tourist, a certified English teacher, a digital nomad, or an entrepreneur we will try offer personalized and affordable solutions that will fit your needs and comply with Thai Immigration regulations.

Just take a moment to let us know about your current visa situation and your goals and we will do our best to help you extend your stay in Thailand in the best possible conditions.

Did you notice how hard it is to find the right information?

  • How the regulations keep changing?
  • How noone seems to know exactly what the rules are?
  • that confusion is the  rule!

Maybe you’re not quite sure what the best way to stay in Thailand for a long time is anymore and that is completely understandable. The rules are really confusing and they don’t seem to apply systematically.

Maybe you would would like to know what options are really available to you?

Start your FREE Thai Visa  consultation right here and let CHIANG MAI VISA RUN and its legal partner STAR VISA suggest the best solutions to extend your stay in Thailand

Staying in Thailand for an extensive period of time has become increasingly difficult for foreigners and it doesn’t look like things are going to get any easier soon.

It is no longer possible to do back to back border runs and visitors in Thailand who wish to stay longer in the country are now usually required to travel to a neighboring country to apply for a new visa in Vientiane for example.  This is costly, inconvenient and time consuming.

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